Moon on the Run


United States
38° 1' 20.4456" N, 87° 34' 27.0768" W

I look up to the sky
Way, way up high
I see a crescent dime
Sprinting from the sun because it replaced itself with the world’s power source; a terrible
But with the clouds bearing as an invisibility cloak
It is sure to get away without even a creek or a croak
This utterly magnificent scene has a large
Audience of trees standing around on Earth’s humongous barge.
They sway back and forth
In silent waiting, waiting for the vault of heaven to morph
Back into an essence of radiance and power,
For all to see and devour
The bright glimmer of
Our solar system’s center which is right above
Living animal eyes for all to see,
Including even you and me.
Until this moment
Does arrive, the audience will be erect- watching the sun’s opponent-
Running, running from the sun
And having frivolous fun
Levitating in the night’s crisp, dark void of space.



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