The Moon in Maine

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 11:47 -- rksouza


United States
41° 43' 17.778" N, 71° 15' 27.8028" W

In Maine
The moon
Shines down as if to say
“I wish for you
To forgive my friend,
My brother, the sun, for it is true
That he is a nuisance until the end
He is truly one to comprehend
During the summer,
While he shines his heat
Among all that wither
Without his scorching feat.
On days when he knows not when to have a seat,
I will smile
Upon your fields,
Shining my light for a while
As you yield
To the tenderness of sleep.”
So I will shield
Myself from the sun with white protective bile
Knowing that the moon has sealed
A covenant, which gives the vile
Sun, from me, a sense of retreat,
Knowing that if I wait just a little while
I will be rewarded with a smile
From the moon, her
Beauty overlooking the tiles
Of shrubs and all that wither.
A break given to them, sent
By the moon, hither
This night, and all before untended,
Shall know the apologies of our friend
The moon
Who, in Maine,
Knows her brother's tune
And compensates in her name.


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