The Moon In Her Eyes

O moon what have you done 
What did I do for my soul to be so cold 
I am lost and confused 
dividing is my soul 
darkness is taken control 
old moon I know you seen the show
That was set out for me to fall
the traps they set for me 
in my eyes the visions of you 
will always be 
I will always cry old sea
so be good to me 
New year of lies 
for me to see with the eyes
of a moon 
unusual violent 
casting with the stars
the doom of hearts 
old sea has resounded over
the castle where the black magic woman
plays her games 
Dark Angel is taking me in rage 
With the foreigners mask faces 
they are dancing all over the place 
like they are in a scorching pain 
acting so crazy 
falling on the ground 
jumping up and down 
something I have never seen before
then it started to rain 
then they started crying out t
to the black magic woman 
please stop this pain
Dark Angel started to laugh
like thunder  
Then they started crying for dark Angel 
on hands and knees saying 
Kill us please set us free
I started holding my stomach 
starting to get very sick 
A moonstone was place on me 
asking me what it is I see
I had no words 
but out cry pains 
Telling Dark Angel I will not change 
Dark Angel tells me 
the moonstone is the door of your eyes 
you have visions
what is it you see 
tell me Dark Angel starts to scream
the moon is the color of your eyes  
Your name is Moonlight 
this is who you are
the woman of light 
that will soon be walking in the dark 
For death and life you hold in your eyes 
brilliant is the jewels of your sight 
the foreigners
wearing the mask of doom 
the pains penetrate deeper into their souls
Moonlight they cry tell us all what you see
the black magic woman leads the way 
to the castle is were I will be 
locked away you see
but one day I will be free
Just watch and see

Lilly Emery




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