The Moon and Stars


goddess of the moon

if she were here in present day

would be known to travel the world

admiring the beauty

of nature in all its glory

I have a feeling

she would have an affinity for the camera and the paintbrush

with a deep appreciation for photography and art

her gift for capturing the moonlight in her paintings would be uncontested

she would often be seen sneaking off

late in the night

hand in hand with her sister


goddess of the dawn

spending the cool hours of the night

huddled together

under the stars

covered in white acrylic paint


the beauty of the moon

light cascading down

reflecting across the streams and lagoons


just as quickly as the night would come

it would vanish

Selene and Eos

gathering their canvases

would climb barefoot onto the nearest mountain

just in time to gaze upon the heavenly aurora

that was the sunrise

they would clutch the cameras to their chests

spending the early hours of the morning

photographing the crescendo from night to dawn

in the most mesmerizing ways

the moon and stars

would whisper their silent thanks

for Selene and Eos

for they gave the world a new appreciation

of the beauty that can be found

if we only

know where to look for it

This poem is about: 
Our world


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