Mood swings

My heart feels like it's been punched in my chest my cramps feel like my stomach wants to pop my head feels like it wants to explode with fire with a fever
My body feels like it wants to shake with nerves
That are trying to attack me. I feel so angry that I want to stomp my feet against the floor so it can hurt. should I drink a cup of coffee with the glass of milk or should I drink tea with honey if you please or should I have some ice cream I heard it's good for PMS days. I feel like my emotions are getting to me I feel like the mood swings are getting worse I feel like every time I want to be happy I start to feel sad it's hard for me to go to sleep but now I'm up with all these thoughts going through my mind thinking about all these emotions that are bothering me it's just mood swings don't let it happen it would change you make you go through what you don't want to go through that's the definition of mood swings

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