The Month of Tears


August 2008

Death, Poverty, Depression.

The Month of Tears.

A creator and caretaker gone from life.

Four sorrowing children left to mourn in their own lost souls.

A cloud overtaking the sky shadowing the tree that represented life.

A curtain had been drawn.

August 2009

The Month of Tears had begun.

Breathing, breathing, breathing.

That is it.

The curtain closes in.

No more to be said.

August 2010

The Month of Tears had begun.

New life. New school. New place.

The Curtain is secured. No going back.

No one knows. No one understands.

All is known is the silent cheerful girl.

The girl holding her family together.

And the only one to hold herself together.

The lone flame flickering the wind.

August 2011

The Month of Tears had begun.

Mothers words ringing in her head, “I may have it, but it doesn't have me”

Too late.

It got her.

She left. Gone from existence.

The Curtain blocking herself from what she craves most.


August 2012

The Month of Tears had begun.

They said it would get better

New marriage in the family.

New pain introduced.

The heart opened.

The heart was stabbed.

Curtain grows tighter suffocating herself.

August 2013

The Month of Tears had begun.



But existing.

August 2014

The Month of the Tears had Begun.

But it didn't.

The day passed,

no tears flowed.

The Curtain slowly losing its grip.


She is set free.



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