The Monstrosity of Perfection

We tried hard to fit in but unable to make it
We’re stretched and we’re poked unable to fake it. 
We live in a society of wanted perfection
Were princes and kings run the next election
Is that perfect?
Not being considered beautiful if you’re not a size 
Three. Two. One. Count down to the end.
Is that considered perfect?
In society we are brainwashed to look like barbies 
But they tempt us with things like McDonalds and Arby’s
We are ridiculed to be thin, without curves that don’t end
Is that perfection?
As people in society I am pecked into pieces by a big black bird of the media
Ripping off skin to fit the ideal picture. Of thin!
Is this perfection? 
If it is, I can’t live in a society
That is filled with Ideal Monstrosity.


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