I've been very much into

allegories comparing myself to scary things

witches and corpses and dragons and wendigos

and anything that could rip apart those who try to harm her

but it's because I certainly am not that

I'd rather dance and sing and put flowers in my hair

and have absolutely nothing of the tearing apart

but things keep occurring that break me

and when I am broken I forget my rainbows

and only want blood

because I have never been more scared

and I still am so fearful

it is a coping mechanism, obviously

to wear an armor and pretend you are able to scare off evil

if only you choose to bear your teeth

life isn't like that

but when I panic and cry

and it's applicable to sing 'Masters of War'

I want to tear out the throats of whomever paints themselves as kind

while they terrorize and burn down their own villages

because don't want my future baby dragons

harmless and clawless

to be broken like be

moments after they learned to fly

just because some rich king's son

sees them as homely

I feel the need to preemptively protect them

even though I am de-clawed

and my voice is only barely growing back

and in the real world I cannot turn into some great monstrosity

I am merely me

yet they're armed to the teeth against me nevertheless


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