I am monstorusI'm so monstorusYou should blame meMy skins not like melted goldor parchment,it's red and scaly  I am a wreched thing,such a fearful thingYou should run from me  I do not know youI do not want youto ever set me free  I am orignal sinI'm orignal sinPeople fear me instinctullyI'm not the tree, I'm not the snakeand I'm not eve I am the appleand I've had to grapplefor centurieswith my mistakes  Don't ever come near meDon't try to fix meLeave me to rot If you do leave me,you can breath easybut if you do not-I will destroy youI will consume youdon't give me that shot  'Cause I am an arsonistjust an arsonistI set fires intentionallyI'de like to watchthe world burn There's no fixing me       

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