Monsters Under The Bed

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 10:48 -- A.J.M.

Don’t fear the monsters under your bed

For they are poorly hid

They stand out and demand to win

But they are nothing compared to them.

The monsters you should really fear

Are better hidden and make you shed more tears

They’re always talking and never quiet

Always screaming but ever silent.

You can’t see them but boy are they there

Voicing their opinions that they know you’ll hear

And after a while you begin to believe their poisoned leers

Oh do you see now?

How these monsters are so much worse than the monsters under the bed?

Maybe I should give you more instead.

Their words like sharp knives

Open wounds from long forgotten lives

Put you down and rarely up

They can break you down and make you give up

You can try ignore them and wish them away

Oh but baby don’t you fool yourself

Into believing they they have left

For they are just waiting for when you’re at your lowest

To strike and spread their poison

My mommy always sweared to protect me from the monsters under my bed.

Oh but mommy doesn’t know those monsters were my dearest friends

And that they have long since fled.

Because they feared the monsters that are better hid.

Mommy you warned me of those monsters hidden under my bed,

But mommy dearest I think you forgot

To warn me of the ones that scream in my head.

Oh I miss the poor little monsters under my bed

But how they hated the ones roaring in my head.

So they have long since fled

And left me with these monsters instead.


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