Monsters Inside

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 15:58 -- Saffyre

There are monsters inside.
Inside they hide.
They hide in my head, my heart, soul.
They can cause pain.
They jump and claw on my brain.
They jump in my stomach.
They claw my legs.
They whisper in my ears
And mean things.
They make me feel like i’m wrong, even when I’m right.
They make me think everyone has meaner monsters then mine, monsters that make them mean.
They can be metaphorical.
just in my head.
They can be just voices I hear.
the everyday things that cause me pain.
They are the people who put me down.
They are the people that are the monsters.
the people who poison lives.
They are the people that make you think they are your friends.
the friends that are there just to stab you in the back.
They are the reason I am afraid.
I know many monsters.


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