Monsters on the Brain (Response to a Psychology Prison Documentary)

"The bottom dropped out"

Couldn't think of nothing else

This world of chaos and pain

Culminated in self-harm, crime, shame.


Trapped in this mental frame,

Mind playing psychological games

Projecting fantasies

Disconnected from reality


Deprivation of Socialization

Solitary, isolation

Decadence and hopelessness

Invisible monster, Mental Distress.


When the mind attacks itself

How do you protect? 

No first line of self-defense

Against a mind beginning to fragment. 


Mental problems swept under the rugs

Pumped full of artificial, vegetating drugs

Internal confliction

No remedying prescription


Crime Prevention,

without the proper intervention.

Monsters on the brain, and me,

Living on in infamy. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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