The monsters

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 20:15 -- bxsm

Do you remember when you were a kid? 

your ultimate fear was the monster 

under your bed. 


You thought it’ll drag you down in the dark and eat you alive.  

And as you grow up this monster that brought you fear never left you, it dragged you all the way down you cannot get back up anymore. 


It hid you in the dark you hid in the dark as if light and reality can burn you. 

It didn’t eat you alive though your own 

thoughts was the one that ate you alive. 


You always question yourself how are you gonna kill something that’s inside of you? 


Well maybe you don’t need to kill it, you just need to control it just like what you do to every single part of your body you control it. 


What if this monster just wanted to scare you to warn you that life can be hard and there’s gonna be times when you’ll feel alone and scared. 


Maybe you lived your life for the past few years with fear just because you never thought that the monster who once lived under your bed is now living inside your head. 


There’s wrong with being afraid, there’s nothing wrong with having fears but don’t let your fear determine who you are and don’t let it control you. 


So think, do you really want this monster to make you hide in that dark corner while your thoughts eat you alive? 


Or would you rather control it before it controls you. 

Kill it before it kills you. 






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