Mon, 07/28/2014 - 18:46 -- oIVANo

They creep they crawl,
Trying to intervene in my life,
With no cause at all but to start a brawl,
Claiming to be something they are not,
Demon in disguise ready to do a hoax,
They wait to be caught,
Penalties they care not of,
Chaotic mixtures cause reactions,
Only reacting to that of a shove,
To fight back would be to cause eternal damage,
Understanding nothing else but pain and anguish,
To become a monster a savage,
Turning into what you spite,
For the purpose of protection,
Hoping to make a u-turn once its over back into the light,
Getting lost and forging your own road,
Always remebering the soft sponge you once were,
Now with an uncrackable code,
Taking off the armor would leave you susceptible,
To those monsters that will always be there,
Surviving in a world like crucible.


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