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Some are afraid of spiders

Some are afraid of the dark

Some are called irrational

Some are called faint-of-heart


Some fear the things they hear

Some fear the things they see

Some fear things that aren't there

It's just in the mind, imagery


Monsters come in many forms

Vary color, shape, and size

Drawn out from every crevice 

With taste buds tantalized


They nip at toes

Tug at hair

Tap the window

Creak the stair

Haunt the closet

Pull the cover

Chill the room

Grumble, mutter


And the child won't be comforted

By words like "It's not real."

A hug he doesn't want

From arms they loathe to feel


The child tends to know

When something is not right

When gremlins do not scare

But the adult gives a fright


"Come on, now, why so down?"

The parents never know

And the child bears it all inside

Afraid to let it show


When a child has been hurt

And you tell him not to dread

Chances are he won't believe you

Not all monsters are under the bed


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