Monster Under My Bed

The monster under my bed doesn't bother me.
I don't talk to him,
He talks to me though,
I usually ignore him,
And he goes away.

But sometimes he stays.
He follows me to school,
Laughing at me when my answers are wrong.
He won't let me talk to my friends,
and when he does he whispers harsh words in my ear,
and forces me to say them against my will.
He is always angry at everything;
He growls when you compliment him,
He snarls when you tease him,
and he roars when you contradict him.

The worst is when he follows me home.
He force-feeds me junk food,
and then walks me to the mirror where he says,
"You're fat"
He doesn't let me run away though,
He makes me sit still and reflect.
When my mom comes he tells me to yell at her.
I say no, I resist but still every other word spews venom.
When she won't talk to me, he drags me up to my room,
where he dives under my bed.

He never leaves except to lurk in the shadows.
Sometimes when he's gone I feel as if I'll always be happy.
I charm my friends with the personality he has stolen away,
and I laugh the laugh he has forced me to conceal for so long.
I tell my mom I love her and I always will.
But months later, he returns,
With a toothy smile, he looks at me and asks,
"Did you miss me?"

This can't happen, not again.
I run full speed and tackle him,
"What business do you have here!"
I wail while I punch him.
"You are not me!"
I cry as I lose my strength, roll over, and sob.

He looks down and cackles, he had won,
He jauntily walks over to the couch, puts his feet up, and says,
"I guess you'll just have to live with me, kid"

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