The Monster That Rules My Mind


I know it,oh how I know it.

He keeps me up at night,I never rest not one bit.

I feel it in my brain

All rationality goes down the drain

I’m tired 

OCD is a monster,he will not leave me alone 

Until he devours me,leaves nothing but bones

Death and sadness and the unknown

My head is his throne

“They don’t love you”

“You’re a waste of space”

“After you die,they’ll forget your face”

“Your existamse doesn’t mean anything to the universe”

“Your just smoke,your here for a time then disappear into the air”

“Oh monster,your no fair”

“And your not good enough,now bow down!This is my lair”.

I obey.

But secretly I want my power back

I want to be sitting on that chair 

I want to say no

Im not a failure 

I want to break free

No more darkness

So I say,”Hey monster guess what”

“I finally found what you’re afraid of”

”Nonsense,”He says,”there’s not a thing below or above.”

“You’re a liar”

”What you say isn’t true,none of it, I am more than what you say I am”

”I am able to do anything,I can,I can!”

”So listen here liar”

“You’re scared of the light”

“And guess what,I am the fire.”

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