The Monster Inside Us.

I don't know why I feel so alone

I look back and see only love as I've grown

Assistance, nurturing, tenderness and care

things children would kill for everywhere

yet I'm not happy, it's not selfishness or greed

for as has been mentioned, I have all that I need.

So why do I feel like I'm in a cage?

Why do I feel so much pent up rage?

Is it lack of love? No, that continues on

yet there is a hole in my life; where has all the happiness gone?

I cannot trust many, I barely trust few

I sometimes wish I could start over new

There is a monster that swims in my mind

this monster has friends, none of them kind

His comrades are doubt, fear, and lust,

they make my own heart betray it's own trust

while there are others, yes this is true

and many of them live inside of you

of the main villain, we must try and steer clear

yet he often takes advantage of fear

this is one creature who attacks when we're in our worst state

You might know him well: His name would be hate.



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