The Monster, The Garden

My words were ugly, so I hid them.

They grew into a monster, and a world for it to live in.

I tried to tell my mom but she says its just a figment

I tried to tell my dad, but my dad says I'm just tripping

My voicebox like a sea shell... there's a world inside, just listen

But when I talk to strangers the waves get unforgiving

With every word I trip over or studder that I whisper

The monster gets a litte meaner, his world a litte bigger.

My teacher couldn't see him but she felt him in her bones

She told me that she understood, she said ''your not alone!''

She handed me some loose leaf, and told me write a poem.

I'd never heard of poetry, "Ms.Grimmie is it hard"?

She said just draw the monster, be creative, use your heart.

I drew the monster using words, rhymes turned into art. 

As a garden grew from my words, the monster fell apart.

I picked the flowers off the page and gave them to my peers

Then taught them how I grew my garden from words that I once feared.


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