Your anger pulses through the air.

I try to avoid your traps, but I'm shaking with fear.

You wait, watching my every move, ready to pounce.

I know that when you do, I will be your prey.

You will attack violently, ripping me to shreds.

I will become broken and shattered on the ground.


Your claws will burn my body when they meet.

I try to run, try to scream, but

You have already begun the kill.

I cannot escape and will not escape.

You do not or maybe cannot feel remorse.

I am now transformed, my body a leopard.


Your blue and black spots are permanent on my skin.

I am changing; my anger begins to pulse.

You stand back, shocked at what you have created.

I roar and show you what I am capable of.

You try to undo the damage, to erase the spots, but

I am what you are. I am a monster.


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