A man lost in mind,

one who has plenty of time.

Speaks always strong and complete,

I fear every moment we meet.

He may act hectic, but his intentions are clear.

When he is around, do not show any fear,

for if you do your death is surely near.


Many try, but no one can beat this man.

He kills all he want, simply because he can.

Words sharper than any blade,

so that his presence will never fade.


Spawn of evil, which death seems to follow.

No heart, no soul, chest that is hollow.

For this man is unable to feel,

yet he seems so human it’s unreal.

Cares for none, he bends all to his will.

To end all life is his only thrill.


Crimes so cruel, so cold and cunning;

He fears no man, he is never running.

One man he is, Johan is his name.

Ridding the world of life is his game.


“Monster” is what the people called him; “Monster” is what they said.

But all who cried “Monster” all ended up dead.

Some rejoiced the “Monster” as happy as can be,

I could never rejoice, for the true “Monster” was me.


My life changed on that fateful night,

one that I’m sure I remembered right.

It was the “Monster” that I saw that day,

I had no idea how much I would pay.

At the verge of death, I saved his life,

this is why I am the “Monster”, he is simply the knife.








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