Monitors, and Boas, and Reptiles oh my!

I have creatures on my mind,

Slithering, prowling, hissing, wonderful creatures


Reptiles, herps, mislabeled demons, wonders of the world,

Reptiles of all sort make my mind slither away,

Reptiles have Always made my head feel twirled,

From the nocturnal at night, to the Diurnal at day.


Boas, and Pythons, and Colubrids oh my

Monitors, Skinks, and Geckos on my mind

From the eggs I hatch, to the adults I feed.

Reptiles are my one true want, my true desire 

the only thing I need.


I imagine the flying geckos, and gliding snakes in the sky,

Papuan ground boas, and Sandfish Skinks in the ground

I love my reptiles

I love my Tree Monitors with sharp, clawed feet, my Blood Python that lay in wait without a sound.

My  Collared Lizards basking in the sun, my Crested Geckos looking at me with wide eyes

I Love my reptiles, And I hope they love me.


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