Money Talks


a word dripping with underlying issues

a word that can bring joy or dispare

it has always been about the money

hasn't it?

the money that my parents needed to keep that house

the money that the murdered the old dog

the money that may keep me away from what I want

I refuse to be a slave to money

so I won't write this for the money

I'll write it for me

and for the father stuggling to make ends meet

for the woman having to turn to prostitution

for those other teens that worry at night

"is money what defines me?"

No. It isn't.

Money talks, but the mouth speaks louder.

And we are better, than any price this world puts on you or me.




For the YOWO 2014 scholarship. Something I came up with when I was struggling to figure out "what would make me qualified to win". 

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