Money the root of all evil

cash, root of evil covered with a mask, Slips out yo hand no more bands seems like it was planned, we need to understand riches aren't commandsDebt is multiplying iont want the diamonds I ain't lying, no pearls I want the politicians crying, poverty & a stuck up society, bag of bricks full of tricks gives human ticks something we can't fix, triple 6 it even intermix with our thoughts gimme got shot we ought to plot so we won't get cought, blind spot, behind the parking lot.Nothing is never enough let's discuss the things we do to get much, grow up pour up, sip you a grace cup. Presence over nation believe in your vocation. Over in the west we got starvation, gas on E so we don't give a donation, instead we cruise look for a gas station. Around the corner we for people on their knees begging to be kings. Run over we can't start over, no luck no 4 leaf clover big pricey dreams all black Range Rover.Benjamin Franklins kids gang banging, tagged up mansions,Our minds triggered to seek green and the kids upstairs drinking lean we don't see that in our golden screen******I ain't lying, trust me I ain't lyingThe money ain't free got us chained upNo lock key, this stuff is irony society with anxiety, 20's 50's 100's what a variety ******It control your goals, thinking like big role,comes back like dust bowl in the North Pole. Really comical cause it's impossible Don't let it operate your actions, adding up the fractions, while stealing transactions, it won't give you good reactions and your exactions won't be satisfactions. ******It is the main reason behind all this violence, got packages shipped from foreign islands, missing kids, loud voice full of silence, crazy depressed overthinking pilots, cell booming plugs stay dialing, criminal records they keep filing. But the money keeps us smiling.******I ain't lying, trust me I ain't lying the money ain't free got us chained up no lock key, this stuff is irony, society with anxiety 20's 50's 100's what a variety******


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