New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand
I am technically free.
Enslaved to no person, no one controls me,
instead I am controlled by something that makes me feel more uncertain.
Drop the theater curtain,
 stop the act! 
How am I suppose to live without the Money.
You tell me I am being foolish and funny, 
Everyone knows money doesn't buy happiness! 
Do you know what it does buy?
and a home
and an education
and water 
and food.
From that list it should be easy to conclude 
money is our motivator. 
The similarity between all adults,
the common denominator, 
all work for money. 
Here is the deal 
money is our controller,
Don't tell me to keep my composure!
I am outraged as my family's home goes into foreclosure!
I may only be seventeen, 
but as you sit there near that wretched cash machine.
I dare you to tell me money doesn't matter.
The only thing my family can do now
is find another home. 
But first we must follow the money.
Run after the money!
Catch the money! 
Follow the  21st century slave master!


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