Monday though Friday

  It's eight o' clock and class has begun.  It's about that time where theres no more fun,  It's like this desk sucks my life away, Oh i'm sorry what did you say??  You want me to pay attention, How bout you sit down and listen to my lesson.  It's lecture time, Sit down take notes and take something away from this academic rhyme.  Why is it that every time, The lecture starts, My brain shuts down, This sort of thing makes me wanna not come around.  But there is something you could do, That will surely get me in the groove.  You gotta change your attitude.  Shit happens, yes i know.  Dosen't mean that your students should pay the toll. Class is about to end.  If you didnt understand any of the material, you can always ask a friend.  Or you could speak to me, i know the answers to the test.  What ever it may be you deserve my best

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