Moms Timbs

In the grooves of them boots are stories

Stories of extravagance and stupidity tales of joy of smiles lifting rooms like splintering brass choruses of laughter and the poise of 6 a.m. syruping behind playful pupils 

Beyond that iris and just before the retina you'll find her exuberant light brewath slow steady and evn steady  boots stomping gliding and walking in the ryrhm of her heartbeat

The pight of them bboos carry special cargi thy cxarey increments of stories mom will forget to reminisce in theses boos carry lessons carery here peace of mind lynched o every multi colored street light on 32nd street and Dodge Ave.

Quite the venue for serenity and though those boots carry  anguish and the baggage of the grind carries pain and past shells of her person 

But wa mom has come to best remember thy also carry her every triumph of every time she learned her lesson each time she got back up again  undergoing tribulation  the grooves of her boots

ReRepresents the ups and downs  life has carried her through life the blurring colors mixing into themselves  mixing into browns and beiges theyve hoisted her glutenous grins 

Being drunk off life stumbled withgrandmas scotch and the madness mindsets she's grown out of Mommy's boots were are and cpontiue to be the sentiment to her life 

This poem is about: 
My family


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