Mommy's Sick Right Now


United States
38° 40' 50.1096" N, 77° 19' 15.4416" W

I think
that you would miss
the pitter-patter of
tiny feet across the
linoleum floor and
the way we
would beg for pancakes
every morning
but get Fruit Loops
instead. You would
miss the smell of
our skin; a mix
of Ivory soap and
powdered milk
and you would
miss the way
we waited to
put our clothes on
until the last
minute so we
would be late for
school, so you would
let us skip for
the day an we’d
get eight breakfast
platters from McDonald’s
and we’d feast
like kings.
I think
you would miss
it all if you
decided not to
wake up
one morning.



This poem really makes the reader want to cherish everyday moments and live life as happily as possible. Great work! Check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section for inspiration for writing more poems about goals and your surroundings!

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