Mommy, Dear (Pro-Life)

Oh my heart is beating

Does she know I'm here?

I hear his voice, I hear hers

I love you mommy, dear.

I'm growing mommy

Can't you feel it?

What did you scream at daddy?

You can't deal with it?

What's wrong mommy?

Can I help you?

Why are you crying?

What do you mean you're through?

Are you mad at me mommy?

Because I can't speak

Can't tell you I love you

Do I make you weak?

I'm so sorry mommy

I didn't mean to bother

When I get out of here

We can do what you'd rather

I love you mommy

Can't you feel me here?

Why'd you say abortion mommy?

I heard that with my ears!

I'm growing mommy

Slowly, but I am!

I can't wait to reach out

And hold my mommy's hands

But wait! I'm hurting now!

Ouch! It's painful here

No. NO! I never got the chance

To hold my mommy dear.


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