Mommy To Be

Dear Mommy to be,

You're young, you're beautiful but still a little dumb.

Blessed you are already, but your little blessing has yet to come.

Weeks pass you shiver, you shake. You wonder why the one constant thing for some reason is coming late.

Then after some contemplating you realize and it hits you really hard.

This one-time-thing you thought was over now feels like baggage you're carrying over your shoulder.

Your friend tells you don't worry, it's probably just a scare.

You sit there fine but in reality you feel like you're alone, like nobody is there.

This isn't real, you're feeling blue. A moment meant for 10 years from now is unfortunately coming true.

But wait...

All this worrying, all this think it's crazy, like maybe you're going insane.

You hit your knees and begin to pray. For peace, for help, for guidance on your way.

Then you feel this still, small, comforting voice,

And all of a sudden you make your choice.

A choice to love, to care, to protect 

To give your all, and break your neck. 

For this little one you wasn't expecting, This little one you now call your blessing.



                                                                                                        Your blessing to be





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