Momma Raised Me

"momma raised me" momma raised meto believe to believe my brown skin is a gift & not a curse to be the light I wish to see in the world  to raise up against the hatred on my skin and over come   momma raised me  mama raised me to breathe to breathe in the air of excellence to lead on my on and off days to not be be afraid because a closed mouth don't get fed on this Boulevard  mamma raised me to neverto never be a should've could've would've because what happened is God's plan and every dark night is just the beginning of a brighter day  momma raised meto Dream to dream that anything is possible to dream so much all obstacles seem obsolete to Dream so big that even dreamers dream to be you  mama raised me so good light shines through me and spreads to   everyone around me with brightness light  Let me say it again  mama raised me so good and so well I can stand here and tell you today how good mama raised me you are appreciated         

This poem is about: 
My family


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