Momma, I Wanna Dance

Momma, momma I wanna dance

I want jump , and spin, and turn on a stage for the whole world to see

Momma, I'm gonna be the best dancer their ever was

I'm gonna make you and Daddy proud

Momma, this could change my life

It's my own form of expression, my own creativty

It' my doctor and I'm the patient

I'm a lawyer and the studio is like my courtroom

I know you want me to be a doctor

But that ain't me

It's just not who I am

I can't do a plain ol' 9-5 job every day

Where's the creativity in that?

Nah, as for me I'll be a dancer

It's changed my life

In more ways than you now

I'm sorry Momma but I wanna dance

I just wanna dance.



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