momma dis

She is screaming, yellingHer voice is so compellingThe fear is ragingThe anger that I'm cagingSend me to anger managementFuck it I can handle thisDie from a heart attackI can have my mother back Your illSo addicted do them pillsThrow it all away?Then bitch about another thingI got a picture of my mom butI need the real thing Shut myself in my roomU popping em like a damn ballonsUsed to have so much trust in youBang bang bang like a musical tuneThe pills are really getting to you Do you really love usOr secretly despise of usHuh momWhats really going onI can't stand to look at youThem pills make it difficult  Insomnias keeping me awakeTimes tickingIm waiting for another day  Im holding my breathI'm drowningUnderwaterConstantly surrounding The screaming in my head won't stopI shattered that clock on the wallBecause if you stop timeTime stops it allNo wait that's not trueThats is why I despise you mom  You build me upjust to break me downI inner soul is taking control nowBeat beat beat my heart is not gon stopI will not let myself drop downDown to your levelDown with the devilI will not fall I will stand tall I'm forever holding oneven when you're goneI'm standing strongThey yeild pillsI do deals to keep them awayI don't wanna end up like my mom someday   A shell hollowNothing there to followwon't go down that pathAnd be stuck in you're wrath My kids won’t go down the path dadI want better for them not what I hadYou walked outLeft without a doughtI wouldn't let you go aloneBack to Kentucky back to our home I cried the whole wayAnd even harder the next dayOur conversation started with a laugh And ended in a fightI can't even do the mathNothing adds up this ain’t rightYou walked out without an issueYou'd never known howd I've missed you  Never wanted more than a familyBut that is something we can't ever beMamma cried for hoursDad never brought her flowersDad would be mad andMake mom sad    Mom would drink to be numbDon't play me like I'm fucking dumbI’m remembering it allDad would never callWhat's nextBecause all my dad wanted was sex He would lie to my momAnd tell her that's she is wrong  10 year anniversary yall split My Dadda told me to pack my shit‘’We're going home.’Home where, this is our homeIs that why you're in so much despairThink you're heart needs to be repaired You brain actionIs my satisfactionYou're an idiotBut I don't wanna get into it You try to sound smart but you ain't shit But ya talk like you're all about itLiesThere isn't nothing you can't hideThat i won't findAfter all, you're my dad we come from the same mind 

This poem is about: 
My family


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