Thu, 06/26/2014 - 22:47 -- BNicole


I love my  momma, I really do.

But sometime she be getting on my LAST nerves. 

She would yell; "BB......come scratch my back."

"BB....get me something to drink"

"BB...what you got for a snack?"

Momma... will you PLEASE let me do my homework.

she'd go "Yeah... after you ge me something to drink"

haha I love my momma though.

I wouldnt trade her for anything else in the world.

Because you only get one momma.

But Im special, I have two.

see the momma that Ive grew up with, shes not bilogical .

but shes the only only one I knew.

Word in the street is..

My real  mother is a drug addict. And thats all I know about her.

Her name too,yeah I know her name too.

Some times I wonder,

Does she look like me?

Do I talk like her?

Does she act like me?

Does my eyes change colors like hers?

It makes me mad.

Do you not even care about whats going on in my life?

Dont you wanna know what  makes me sad or what boy is making me grin?

Why even have a child if youre just going to leave me with dad and never show your face again?

Haha Dad.

my bad, is it "father" or "sperm provider"?

Havent heard from you in a while.

Untill today when you told me youve be locked up for a while.

It doesnt even matter anymore,

because the momma thats in the other room,watching tv,

Is the only person thats eveb been there for me.

and I would be glad and thankful to scratch her back.

because the other one is just plain wack.











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