The Moments

It's that moment;

I know you know the one.

It's when I've owned it;

It's when the game is won.


Every dribble,

Every whistle.

Every second on the clock,

It's those moments- when I've given it all I've got.


Take a seat,

Calm my nerves,

Feel the heat,

Embrace the burn.

It's about hustle,

Yes, even more than muscle,

And knowing when to take a shot,

But greater than all this; it's how well a game was fought.


Give me a ball and some sneakers,

Not mascara or the bleachers,

Playing this game is what I love,

My greatest gift from Above.

And if I could have anything,

Absolutely anything in the world,

I'd ask for a basketball,

Who cares if I'm a girl?





This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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