Momentary Happiness: A Want Not a Need.

The idea of you is everything that I want, but a want is not a need.

A want is a happiness that only lasts for a moment. 

A moment that only lasts hours, minutes or seconds.

It is never considered to be long lasting. 


You don’t create an impact that would make me want you to be in my life for more than just a moment. 

You only create a happiness that lasts within those few seconds that we are together. 

It is never something that seems to last longer than that.

But, within those few, short moments I began to realize that you were only a want and never a need. 


A need is what I have learned to be someone or something that has a purpose; a  meaning.


It is someone that can make you smile and laugh. 

It is a person that you can rely on. 

It is the ability to have conversation, understand one another and listen. 

It is being able to argue, look past each others differences and come to an agreement and compromise. 


It is a partnership, a friendship and more importantly, love. 

It involves respect, admiration, honesty and equality on both ends. 

It is your values and theirs taken into account to create a bond like no other. 

It is what makes you feel safe even in the rockiest of moments.


It is a support system. 

It is a foundation. 

It is your best friend by your side, walking with you on the journey that is life. 

It is you doing what you do best while they are doing the same. 


I understand that which is why I am now able to distinguish you as being a want as opposed to a need. 

A moment of happiness versus a life time. 

So thank you for helping me realize that you are only a want and not a need. 

This poem is about: 



Beautiful and deep poem ... so deep that in that wish  or / and „emotional“ need (I add this adjective, although it could also be only physically and not emotionally) the intensities are not seen ..., this is the possible dependencies.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about addictions but about simple priorities of thoughts, let's say ...There is no unit or way to measure these feelings, or do you know how?  Deep topic ... we need shovel!  Or better excavator?

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