This Moment

This Moment


This moment of mine will soon just be a memory.

This piece of time is nothing much to you,

But it means all the worlds and stars to me.


I sit and hold your trembling hand.

This hand I cherish like a diamond I’ll never get,

But it’s so much better and I know it fits.


This moment you stay because soon you must go.

This sweet night is a night I could die,

But only after you have forever left my side.


This wish I have is a wish you can’t grant.

This silly question may be hard for you to answer,

But I am sure to you it just won’t matter.


This moment of ours could turn into a forever….

This moment we share could make for a life to remember..


So I ask, will you make this moment, not just a moment,

But a life-long commitment and a love sweet and tender?


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