Fingers intertwined


Create a bond no being could break.

Walking in silence

Allows my mind to wander -

Determined to find

Some truth and logic

Between us.


The chromatic sky dims

As the sun sinks

Becoming one

With thin blades of grass.

Pasty yellows, oranges and purples

Permeate the entire horizon

With blasts of color -

Creating the feeling

That hope, wonder and joy

Can only exist

In an impeccable moment.


Love and laughter

Can only continue to endure

Inside the realm

Of the innocent diamond sky.

We weren’t about to disturb

The limitless perfection

Which even the untrained eye

Can discover

Within a space of time

So overwhelming

That each delicate feeling

Can be fully experienced

In the gentle stillness.


Beneath the gleaming stars,

The leaves wrestle

In the damp, beaten down grass,

From forgotten footsteps

Of past lives running parallel to ours,

While the grass whispers secrets

Into our muffled ears.

His blue shimmering eyes

Reflect the rising moon

And the green brush

Of the world

Laying before us

Became ours.



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