But For A Moment

My friend,

do you ever notice

how your ears get tickled by your favorite song,

how your tongue curls up to your favorite dish, or

how your heart does a sweet jig when

Saturday nights ignite you,

and how it relaxes when

Sunday mornings collect you.


These moments

are prescribed daily; they are

fixed point of pleasure

procured only be you.


Please, tell me you know what if feels like to be

something more,

even, but for a few choice seconds.

You are like the new skin

born from burned tongues.

You are like the book that

breathes life into weary eyes—

your bones make the binding

your marrow, the pages

your moments the ink.

My friend believe me

No matter what the monsters say

you are worth

every breath you draw,

every bite you take,

every kiss you conjure,

every lucid dream you live.

Remember that you are more,

even, but for a moment.



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