A Moment


The quick intake of breath,
Eyes opening wide,
Mouth tight in focus, 
Then the fall.
Everyone has a moment to live for.
One smile changing a day, changing a life.
The hand that slides into another, then squeezes.
The story told at bedtime, the peace that lasts until sleep.
The first blink, sound, or touch. 
One small moment, making or breaking you.
The last score that secures a victory.
The perfect step that ends a performance.
The ending note on a last song.
The relief when a struggle is over. 
One day that lasts a life time.
The first breath, long awaited for.
The last step on a graduation stage.
The last morning in a college dorm.
One sensation of awe, the guarantee of joy.
The view at the tip of a mountain.
The quick dive into deep water.
The weightlessness of falling.
Trusting you will be caught in the end.
A quick intake of breath,
A look down,
Keep tight,
Then the fall.


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