Mom was a Football Buff


Mom didn't know about Giants and Raiders, Thought they were fairy tale invaders.  She never saw a football game, knew nothing of Dallas Cowboy fame.  A TV set quickly changed her life, introduced her to football strife.  "Them Cowboys" was now "her team", "Go Cowboys" soon became her theme.  She was not aware of the first and ten.  Field goals and such eas not her ken.  As game after game progressed, she, with the score, became obsessed.  The Cowboys, famous, big and strong. In mom;s eyes could do no wrong.  When some official a flag would throw, "Can't be the Cowboys, that I know".  She knew the team members all by sight, they're "America's Team" alright.  How could a game so rough and tough make mom, so meek and mild, a football buff.



I am writing for the scholarship slam.  Times are tough and much help is needed to attend college.

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