Mom I Will Always Love You

I like you 

Yet I Love you 

Life is a beautiful gift 

the sweet smell of springs beauty

the sky is so ever blue 

that gets me to think about you,


On January 

I know is the month of your birthday 

and on the land is where you once stood

but now all that is just a memorie 

my blood boilds up just knowing you are gone,


I at times find myself laughing at things 

you use to do to make me smile when I was a kid

Mom most of the time you stay on my mind

I look through the window of time 

just where I could see you again 

I miss You 

Yet I love you more then any words can ever be written,


Through my eyes will always be tears

I believe this old world is very beautiful

but the hate and the lies and all the crimes 

make this world a darken place

that makes the good go bad

This make me so sad 

my own veins don't end in me you see

God is the only one that could set me free,


Mom I miss you so very much 

I always had wondered what it would have been like

if we were close 

what would we had talked about 

what would we had been doing 

But life was never that nice 

I struggle most of the time living life without you

even though I didn't want too

Mom I will always love you .


Poetic Lilly Emery(c)



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