Mom, I Love You

I want you to stand tall,

and proud of your messy scrawl. 

Please show me your smile,

even if it takes a while

to show up. 

Because I love you. 


Stop stressing over little things

and waking before birdies sing.

You are so important to me,

I dream of you being free,

of this mess. 

Because I love you. 


You've cared for me for so long,

you made me smart and strong. 

Just take a day for yourself

to reflect and remember oneself,

and be you. 

Because I love you. 


I'm sorry that life turned out

to be full of worry and doubt.

When I can, I will save you,

take you somewhere old and new,

for comfort's sake. 

Because, Mom, I love you. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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