A Mom with a Heart of Gold

Who is this woman? So sweet and so true, she is as beautiful as a bright and full moon. She may not have given me birth, but she gave something of much more worth. A life full of love and happiness beyond compare, I am thrilled that she really cared. As busy as she always was, she took the time to love. We may not have been blood related, but I was elated that she chose me to be the one whom she really wanted. Having a mother with a heart of gold, as I have been told, is a true blessing from the Lord. Though she only lived to see me grow a little bit, I know that heaven is lit to watch me grow much more! Adoption is the best thing that's ever happened to me, it makes me see how a mother will always nurture her child, adopted or not, to be the key to happiness. She never gave up on me, we made a really great team. Her love is what made me want to live another day, I really wanted her to stay, but it came a day when she was called to go away. I will never stop loving my mom, it is wrong after all that love she gave me all along.Till this day, she watches from above, still pouring out all of her precious love.

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