The Mom Behind The Curtain


She's conceled behind the curtain, listening to the footsteps of her prey.

In her mind she wonders just how long she'll be around to play.

His footsteps become louder and sure he's found her.

He draws back the curtain and entangles his arms around her.

"Mommy, I love when we play," he sweetly grins.

His ocean blue eye's sparkle and his pale blonde hair glistens. 

She wonders how she ever went through life without him.

He brought a new meaning into her life, it was a change of life.

He taught her all about love and affection.

He taught her a lot, a lot more than just one lesson.

Before him, she stood out intentionally. 

Now, he's in her spotlight indefinetly. 

There's no more "what will she do", now it's "what will they do".

She lives her life to provide and care for him, exceptionally. 

In her eyes, he's a true delicacy.

She hides behind the curtain to play his little games.

She hides behind the curtain, while she hides any of her pain.

She hides behind the title of "Mom",

When in reality, she's more than that. 

She maintain's the ability to be loving and calm,

Even when someone doubts her ability of being a "Mom".

She hides behind the curtain, smirking at what they say.

As long as they're together, behind the curtain they will both stay.




This is a really interesting look at both hiding behind the curtain and gender roles. One of the hardest things, I think, is to recognize our parents are people--more than just 'mom' and 'dad.' But being a parent is so hard--and so important, and sometimes it's good to be behind that curtain.


Cool persepctive and switch at the end--that beind behind the curtain can be a good thing.


I read this and I am in tears. I am not a mother but I know what the feeling is like to be one. This is really great. 


I Like It


This is beautiful!


What a cute title!



This is a different way of looking at the topic of "behing the curtain" but it is in deed a good different. I like how open minded you let yourself get on this topic, because anyone with a slightly less opened mind would have never ever though of portraying this topic like this, bravo.

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