Sat, 02/27/2016 - 13:34 -- Gemw97

Your first cry is because of her long hours of hard work

And the first thing you see is her beautiful face.

From that moment on,

You cant live without her.


When you are hungry, she provides.

When you are cold, she warms you.

When you are tired, you close your eyes

Knowing you are safe and loved.


She teaches you to stand on your own.

It is scary, but you can do it, she says.

You trust everything she says

Because she knows everything.


Through your tiny eyes, you see

Her strength, and her love.

You see her determination.

You see the care she has for you.


She is like magic.

With ability to kiss the pain away,

The ability to find what you have lost,

And the ability to stop your tears.


This magic does not end,

Once you are grown.

Just a phone call away,

She is able to heal your pain.


She teaches you to live on your own.

How to clean, cook, and care.

She is available when you forget her lessons.

She will help you through anything.


You will take her for granted.

Irritated with her life lessons.

You think you can do it all.

All on your own.


You do not realize that a day will come.

When you are all grown.

When you reach for the phone.

Only to know that the line has gone cold.


For there will come a day,

When she will no longer be there

To kiss your boo-boos,

And dry your tears.


Only then will you realize

That everything she did for you

Everything she was

Cannot be replicated.


Only then will you realize

That you truly cannot live without her.


But you have to.

So you take all her lessons,

And everything she has said to you,

And pass them onto your own children.


You borrow her wisdom,

And her strength.

For she is the best role model possible.

And you live on with her in your heart.

This poem is about: 
My family


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