You are in heaven.

                                                     To see you  again.

                                             I would be the happiest girl.

                                           To hear your voice one more time.

                                                      It is a dream of mine.

                                                          To give you a hug.

                                  Hearing your voice on home movies isnt the same.

                                               You being here wasnt long enough.

                                           Though my memories of you are very faint.

               I try to picture your smile whenever i did something good when i was little.

                                          I try to keep it in mind it keeps me going.

             Though you have been gone for almost 15 years, it seems like yesterday you

were singing me lullabies.

                               Time flew by you are still today very missed.

                                                       I love you mom!


This poem is about: 
My family
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