For Mom


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

But that is not the start,

Of my poem for you.


You are the most caring mother,

To me, there is none other,

That loves me,

The way you do,


When i am drowning in despair,

You never just leave me there,

Your loving and gentle words,

I will remember forever and more.


You attended me when I was sick,

Or when I tripped over a brick,

You gave me all of your attention,

To make sure I walked in the right direction.


Even thought you scold me,

I know it's only because you love me.

At times I can be discordant,

But to me you were always patient.


Words cannot express,

The quantity of my love for you.

You are the most perfect mother,

And I will cherish you forever and ever. 



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