Everyone thinks they know me but no one knows

Everyone thinks they get me but they don’t

I’m alone I’m lost I’m confused

My insides burn to know just to know

Will I ever know?

Will I ever get the chance to be me

Who is me

What am I

Is this real

Is the fake

Am I real

Does she love me

Will she ever love me

Why hasn’t she come looking for me

Why did she give up on me

Am I not worth it to her

Was I accident a mistake

Should I be here

I’m useless

I feel that way

Find something that gives you meaning and lock onto it

How can I when I don’t know what meaning is

I’m so lost

Should I look for her

Should I care about her

I’ve gone this long without thinking about it

It’s still there it haunts me

I’m not a good a person

I try to be one though

I was a mistake

I’m a joke

What if this is all fake

What if…..

What if my purpose is nothing

To be a burden

Ruin things

Make everyone around me miserable

Destroy lives

Does she love me

Are my memories of her real

Is everything in my life a lie

It can’t be can it

I’m Da’Vonn Martell What

Am I Gammage

Am I Cliver

Am I nothing

What am I

Why doesn’t she look for me

Does she care about me

I thought I knew who I was but I don’t

Why am I emotional why can’t I let shit go

Am I bad person

Should I try to find her

Yeah I should

But why

Will give me closure

What if she is really dead

What if she has been looking for me

What if she hates me

Does she hate me

What if she has her own family

A little boy and girl

Warm family

She’s forgotten all about me

I’m nothing to her

What if she doesn’t want to see me

I don’t know her name

I don’t have a picture of her

I have nothing just nothing

Am I a mistake

Is she ashamed of me

Yeah she must be

What about my dad



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