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Dear Mom,
I know it hasn't been easy, but it has been fun
Of all people, I've definately given you quite the run
You have been there everyday,
and I do not have enough words to say
I love you so very very much
For the many things you've done and such
I have a million things I'd like to say,
But I could never sum it up one way.
And on this Mothers day,
You should know you're one of a kind
With the heart of gold you have and calm peace of mind
I wouldn't want any other but you,
And one of my favorite reasons to love you, is because I know you love me too.
From diapers to pull-ups,
And leotards to jean to fit my butt
From freshman year to senior prom,
and forever more we'll be dogs til the end.
Better yet you're my best friend.


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